Fifteen months!

Fifteen months already, 15! How is our baby 15 months old already?! The last couple of weeks he has hit some major milestones!  On January 2nd he started pulling himself to a standing position and within a week he was doing it more frequently. Last weekend he started taking a few steps sideways with a push car of his cousins and just last night he was pushing his car forwards for about 5 feet!  HE loves to eat, especially Mondrian oranges, bananas and peanut butter. We nursed until he was 14-months, and he still likes for mommy to put him to put him to bed. Bowe also had his 15-month checkup on Wednesday.  He is 27.25″ and 20lbs 7oz. He’s a healthy boy, minus a bad sinus infection again (#3 in 3 months…blech!). He continues to do well with his therapy too.  Time is just going way too fast! Next up, Korbyn will be 8 and Kanin 10, how?!?


One thought on “Fifteen months!

  1. Great Grandma is so very happy to see all the new things the little man has done. I could hardly wait for the day when he started to take steps. It is so awesome. Grandma will have to keep a very close eye on him as he goes all over the place now. Tika says oh boy I will have to find a hiding place now as he follows her all over. Way to go precious little man. Love you dearly

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