The world we live in…

This day in age, I feel like I can’t watch the news when my kids are around. I used to listen to the Today Show while getting ready for work and Valley News Live (local new)at 6 while making supper. There is so much bad in the news anymore that I hate for the kids to have to see or hear about it. I now they will eventually, but I want to isolate them as much as I can. It’s hard explaining why people would want to shoot Law Enforcement Officers, hurt kids, hurt women, hurt each other, cause mass chaos, etc. this raises so many questions that honestly, I can’t answer.  I have even heard political views of my sons classmates parents and I’ve heard the parents full thoughts on local elections ( the most recent school election) and what they would do if the vote passed/failed. Don’t get me wrong, we talk about these things with our kids, but to the bare minimum. They know our thoughts on the school election, but not why. We discuss government elections but not why we vote one way over the other. 

Now like I said, I can’t isolate them forever because they do see the negative around here, they hear it from their friends, they see it in school and they do see it on tv. I hear too often how kids have hurt feelings at school because of others picking on them. Bullying is all too common these days, it’s sad. 

 I worry every day about my kids being hurt, whether it be by words or physically. Being the mother of not 1, but 2 “special needs” kids, I feel I worry more. I say “special needs” because in my eyes they are perfect. One has struggled for years making friends, gets his feelings hurt too easily and can be overly friendly in an overbearing way, which can be seen negatively by peers. And another who will always be smaller than his peers.  I read every day how people (I say people because it is not just kids, but adults too) treat individuals in these these circumstances (and so many other)so poorly. They poke fun because they are “different” and tease/bully because they are “small”. One blog post I read today was an event where a couple of people were making fun for a grown woman for being little, even going as far having one prop his arm up on her head while the other took a picture!  She stood up for herself, deleting the picture and all.  Honestly, who does that!? 

I hope that through the years we  can teach my children to stand up for themselves in a positive way as to not cause harm to others, because let’s face it, behaviors are learned at home. We are not perfect, far from it, but I sure hope that our behaviors and attitudes at home reflect on our kids in the public, at school and through their lives as they grow up. There is a time and a place for “grown up” conversations, but I want them to be kids for as long as they can, because let’s face it, “adulting” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be most days!  



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