So there is this boy…..

Well there are 3 of them, but this one just turned 8!  Eight, how did that happen?  He’s been stubborn since shortly before his birth and it continues.  He is this most fun-loving, comical, easy going boy I know.  He’s turned into an awesome big brother and can barely leave the room without giving Bowe a snuggle or a kiss.  He’s turned into quite the reader and we have trouble prying his nose out of a book at times!  

I love that he will still come lay and cuddle with me, but at the bat of an eye is out the door, on his bike at the neighbors house playing with friends!  He is growing too fast (as are the other 2), but I am proud of the boy he’s growing into, even though he can’t keep his room clean 😉.  

Korbyn, I hope that this year is all you dream it to be.  You make me proud to be your mom!  Thank you for being you!!  I love you!!!!  



One thought on “So there is this boy…..

  1. Korbyn you are growing into a fine young man. I can not believe you are 8 years old. Where has the time gone?
    Mommy has done a very good job on raising you. You are an awesome young man. Great Grandma is so proud of you and I love you dearly!!!!!!


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