Hold them tight…

So many of us spend our time aimlessly scrolling through our Social media pages watching all the fun things our friends and family are doing, catching up on the news, playing games and taking quizzes. While scrolling though one my come across some not so happy posts also. Today our LP community saw these. We are all rallying around Hadlee, a toddler who yesterday was supposed to undergo a ‘routine’ spinal decompression surgery,  but never made it that far as there were complications during her intubation and she went into a cardiac arrest. She has since been in a medically induced coma and her family does not know what her future holds.

We all know surgery comes with risks but this hits so close to home as so many of our LP friends undergo anesthesia for surgeries and testing, and we know it could be Bowe someday. We are so fortunate that given his Achondroplasia he is fairly healthy and doesn’t have many of the complications he is at risk for. We do know that if/when he does need anesthesia/intubation, he is at a greater risk for anesthesia complications due to intubation difficulties caused by cervical abnormalities (short neck) and/or airway abnormalities.

Tonight and in the day and weeks to come we will keep Hadlee, her family, medical staff and all those struggling and healing in our thoughts and prayers. I will continue to squeeze my boys tight and thank God for them every day.


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