Fifteen months!

Fifteen months already, 15! How is our baby 15 months old already?! The last couple of weeks he has hit some major milestones!  On January 2nd he started pulling himself to a standing position and within a week he was doing it more frequently. Last weekend he started taking a few steps sideways with a… Continue reading Fifteen months!

1 year already

Where has the time gone?  I feel like I have been neglecting our little family blog, but that’s not so, I’ve been busy being a mom and wife!!  As the kids get older, they get busier, the homework is a little harder and quite frankly we just enjoy spending our time as a family!  So,… Continue reading 1 year already

Where has time gone?!

How can this guy be 7 months old already?!  He’s doing so well! Bowe continues to have Physical Therapy once a week and is doing wonderfully!  Is is always wanting to sit up and see what’s going on. It won’t be long and he will be able to sit independently!  He loves to eat and… Continue reading Where has time gone?!

6-month checkup

Bowe’s 6 month (almost 7 months) appointment on Tuesday went good. He does have an ear infection in the right ear now, but not as bad as last time. He is 14#14oz and just over 24″long (it’s so hard to believe he’s only grown 3.5″ since birth!). He does have an apt for one month from… Continue reading 6-month checkup

Ear recheck

So it occured to me I have yet to update on Bowe’s recheck appointment from last week.  Great Grandma (my grandma) joined us for the trip and had the honor of meeting Dr Twogood.  We enjoyed her company and had a fun yet quick trip. His appointment went great, even with me thinking we were… Continue reading Ear recheck

It won’t be like this for long…..

There may be nights I get little sleep. There may be nights I get to sleep all night (though it hasn’t happened in over 2 months). But no matter what I’ll never regret my decision to breastfeed. I nursed Kanin and Korbyn both for a year, and the bond we had was incredible. I feel… Continue reading It won’t be like this for long…..

5 months old

Thats right, 3-20-15 Bowe turned 5 months old! How the heck did that happen!  The last 5 months have gone by so fast and so much has gone on!  From Bowes birth and diagnosis, our move, lots of meetings/appointments setting his therapy up and starting therapy, keeping up with big brothers, work and every day… Continue reading 5 months old