Bowe’s story

When pregnant with all 3 of our boys I joined due date groups on a couple of different websites. I’ve remained close with a small group of those moms from when Kanin was born and Bowe. My friend Jennifer, with whom I’ve been friends with since pregnant with Kanin asked me to write a guest… Continue reading Bowe’s story

Motherhood, marriage and oneself

I know, I know, your probably thinking, “3 posts in 1 day, shes on a roll!”  Well, I needed to play catch up with the first and keep current with the second.  And this one, well, it’s been weighing on my mind heavily lately, The definition of motherhood is “the state or experience of having and… Continue reading Motherhood, marriage and oneself

Halloween 2015

Where has the year gone?  Halloween has come and gone!!  The big boys were with their dad in Moorhead for the weekend, so it was just us and Bowe!  I did get picture from the kids dad, so I get to share all of their costume pictures! Kanin is Darth Vader and Korbyn a Teenage… Continue reading Halloween 2015

1 year already

Where has the time gone?  I feel like I have been neglecting our little family blog, but that’s not so, I’ve been busy being a mom and wife!!  As the kids get older, they get busier, the homework is a little harder and quite frankly we just enjoy spending our time as a family!  So,… Continue reading 1 year already