Hold them tight…

So many of us spend our time aimlessly scrolling through our Social media pages watching all the fun things our friends and family are doing, catching up on the news, playing games and taking quizzes. While scrolling though one my come across some not so happy posts also. Today our LP community saw these. We… Continue reading Hold them tight…

The world we live in…

This day in age, I feel like I can’t watch the news when my kids are around. I used to listen to the Today Show while getting ready for work and Valley News Live (local new)at 6 while making supper. There is so much bad in the news anymore that I hate for the kids… Continue reading The world we live in…

I surrender 🏳🏳

Yes, I’m waving my white flag. This winter has been a little crude on my guys. We all had the stomach flu in November, they all had it again a couple weeks ago (except Bowe) and now they are getting over it again, especially Myron. Korbyns could be a reaction for antibiotics, so that was… Continue reading I surrender 🏳🏳

Fifteen months!

Fifteen months already, 15! How is our baby 15 months old already?! The last couple of weeks he has hit some major milestones!  On January 2nd he started pulling himself to a standing position and within a week he was doing it more frequently. Last weekend he started taking a few steps sideways with a… Continue reading Fifteen months!

Halloween 2015

Where has the year gone?  Halloween has come and gone!!  The big boys were with their dad in Moorhead for the weekend, so it was just us and Bowe!  I did get picture from the kids dad, so I get to share all of their costume pictures! Kanin is Darth Vader and Korbyn a Teenage… Continue reading Halloween 2015

1 year already

Where has the time gone?  I feel like I have been neglecting our little family blog, but that’s not so, I’ve been busy being a mom and wife!!  As the kids get older, they get busier, the homework is a little harder and quite frankly we just enjoy spending our time as a family!  So,… Continue reading 1 year already

Take me out to the ball game….

Baseball (T-ball) has officially come to an end (almost 2 weeks ago already!)!  Hard to believe that summer is almost gone and school will be starting soon (23 days)!  It was so much fun watching the boys and their team throughout the 8 weeks, each and everyone of them showed improvement and seemed to have… Continue reading Take me out to the ball game….